Why Managed Services?

Software and Cloud Economics management is a value-creating discipline and we know it delivers business outcomes, fast. There is generally a shortage of industry specialists who understand cross-environment licence implications. At SOS our team’s knowledge extends beyond license compliance, across multiple environments which include Cloud and security.

We have designed a set of managed services to meet our clients’ needs and unique situations and accelerate your management maturity. Our SAM managed services and Cloud Economics & Analytics services help you optimise your investments with guidance based on our niche expertise.

We give our clients specialist advice on the management, optimisation, purchase and governance of software and Cloud across multiple environments. This increases overall efficiencies, invariably means cost reductions, and minimises the company’s risk exposure around their software.

We combine domain experience and the latest diagnostic tools to provide you with data intelligence, impartial recommendations and direction, enabling you to optimise and maintain your current license portfolio, reduce Cloud Sprawl and identify security vulnerabilities.

What’s your situation?

• Unsure about your company’s software compliance position?

• Need better visibility of your IT infrastructure and assets?

• Limited knowledge about your organisation’s security risks and vulnerabilities?

• Unsupported software and ‘open doors’ in your environment?

• Need help understanding complex licensing options and ever-changing use rights?

• Have transition to the Cloud and unsure of optimum configuration and pricing models?

• Need on-going management and analytics of your Cloud resources?

• Need predictability on your software and Cloud spend for budgeting purposes?

What this means for you

You will have direct access to our domain experts, software tooling and ‘indisputable’ data to support your current SAM and Cloud activities and license portfolio, as well as other compliance, cyber security and infrastructure activities in your environment.

We will help you make informed decisions to help you optimise your investments and reduce risk to increase your operational maturity based on our expertise.

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"SOS gave us the intelligence to make an informed decision to extend or renew our Software Licence agreement. Understanding software licensing implications must be a priority before any decision to renew existing architecture is made."

Ian Brunette Chief Infrastructure and Operations Manager, HBF



Achieve Clarity. Make Savings.

Our software specialists give you the clarity to make data-driven decisions & achieve lower costs, reduced risk and increased security.