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Windows Server 2016 licensing changes explained (part 1/4): How the change to Core licensing will affect you
Windows Server 2016 was released at the end of September, and with that came a new licensing model. Over the next few weeks we will publish a number of blog posts that will aim to help you understand how these changes will affect you.
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Creating the Software Optimisation Managed Service infographic
How do you explain a process as complicated as Software Asset Management (SAM)? Simple. You create an infographic. We have just created this infographic to simplify how we explain our Software Optimisation Managed Service. Here's how we made it.
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Windows E3 and E5, why, and how are they licensed?
Microsoft recently announced what looked like two new versions of Windows 10, Windows 10 E3 and Windows 10 E5. What exactly are these "new" versions, why has Microsoft launched them, and what are the licensing options for deploying them in the enterprise?
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My top 5 take-aways from my first Microsoft WPC experience
2016 was the first time I had ever attended a Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) and it was also my first time in Toronto, Canada. It was a very exciting and informative week even if I struggled with a bit of jet lag. Here’s my top 5 take-aways from my first time at one of the world’s largest IT conventions.
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WPC 2016 Toronto! – Off-the-Charts Incredible!!!
Microsoft WPC 2016 has to be one of the highlights of my professional career filled with so many “pinch, pinch moments.”
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SOS in CIO magazine!

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SOS in CIO magazine!
This week we were delighted to have been featured in an article in CIO magazine as a result of our thoughts on the BSA's controversial approach to combating software piracy.
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Software Optimisation Services wins global Microsoft Software Asset Management (SAM) Partner of the Year Award 2016
Software Optimisation Services is the first Asia Pacific partner to win in the SAM category
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