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Creating the Software Optimisation Managed Service infographic

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Creating the Software Optimisation Managed Service infographic

How do you explain a process as complicated as Software Asset Management (SAM)? Simple. You create an infographic.

We have just created a new infographic to simplify how we explain our Software Optimisation Managed Service (SOMS).

We knew that we could explain our SAM managed service better. The challenge we had is that there are many steps to our managed service and we didn't want to gloss over any of them them. Each step delivers significant value to our clients so it is important they understand them. Besdies, our process - which has been refined over many years and decades of SAM engagements - is one of our key USPs. This was therefore an important piece of work.

We needed a way to explain our SAM managed service as easily as possible to our customers.

The process started by sketching out our SAM managed service - our Software Optimisation Managed Service - onto a whiteboard. This was the brain dump stage. We put it all on there. While it didn't look very pretty and the structure needed some work, it was a start. This is where we started:


Getting started is the hardest part. The next step was to map this picture onto PowerPoint so we could work with something more flexible. After numerous further revisions and trials of different layours we finally had something we could to take to the designers. But we weren't done there. However, after some further revisions and tweaks we finally nailed it.

And here it is. What do you think? Hopefully you'll agree that it's quite the improvement over the original draft!

If you want to see this in all it's HD glory, you can download the PDF here.


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