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WPC 2016 Toronto! – Off-the-Charts Incredible!!!

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WPC 2016 Toronto! – Off-the-Charts Incredible!!!

Microsoft WPC 2016 has to be one of the highlights of my professional career filled with so many “pinch, pinch moments.”


Privilege of meeting Satya NadellaIE5A0252

Meeting Satya was similar to the experience I had with the Dalai Lama – super grounding. I felt a rush of this incredible calming energy. Satya made me feel like I was the only person in the room, genuinely interested in meeting me and grateful for the work we do for Microsoft. A Microsoft senior leader describes him as the “Zen Leader.”  And that title epitomises my experience of meeting a Great Leader.


Sharing our Winning Formula with our Global SAM Colleagues

I was thrilled with my WPC16 speaker slot. Presenting immediately after Patama Chantaruck’s SAM keynote on Day 1 added a little pressure to keep our SAM teammates interested and motivated by Patama's FY17 "New SAM" plans. Our brief was to present on SOS’ Winning Formula – Why did we win Microsoft SAM Partner of the Year 2016?

I used my presentation as an opportunity to tell my personal story, to explain why we do what we do, and how my belief in the value of SAM is in my bones and fills me with purpose. Our SAM community is a rare and valuable skill. My hope was that post presenting I would have one person come up to tell me they were inspired. And do you know what? 7 people were inspired by what I shared. I am so driven to make a difference to others and having that feedback filled me with joy. I lost count that day how many times I smiled with what could only be describes as an un-wipe-able smile.


Introducing Gavriella Schuster to the stage


I was one of 10 worldwide partner winners selected to introduce Microsoft Senior Executives during the keynotes.

Imagine my surprise when I was told the day before that I would not by doing the introduction from behind the scenes in the sound booth, but very much in the spotlight and on the BIG screen.

What an honour it was to introduce Gavriella Schuster, GM of the Worldwide Partner Group to 16,000 partners at the keynote on Day 3. And to share “what excites me most about the future… is the opportunity we have to empower women in business and inspire young people to believe in the power of purpose and possibility!”

Wow! What a moment. So humbled to hear from Phil Goldie how the Australian Microsoft team and partners erupted in applause. Super proud. 


Validating the Power of Possibility and inspired to keep Believing

I came away from my Off-the-Charts Incredible week in Toronto with a feeling of contentment. I achieved my dream; we achieved recognition for our dedication and commitment to SAM and Microsoft awarded us their Best SAM partner in the world. Right now it doesn’t get better than this.

Here is to the power of purpose and possibility and believing in why we do what we do.


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