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SOS in CIO magazine!

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SOS in CIO magazine!

This week we were delighted to have been featured in an article in CIO magazine. We feel the BSA’s focus on piracy and fines is counterproductive to the BSA’s objective of reducing the use of unlicensed software, so we sent these views to CIO magazine.

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From our experience most organisations want to be compliant. Most companies do not set out to use unlicensed software. The challenge is that software licenses are so unbelievably complicated that companies inevitably fall out of compliance. Helping organisations navigate the complexities of software licensing is exactly why companies like SOS exists.

Our argument is that the BSA would be more effective at reducing software piracy if it promoted the financial benefits of SAM – i.e. lower software bills – as opposed to focusing on the negative consequences of being caught unlicensed.

We know that every firm that adopts SAM benefits from significant savings on their software bills by adopting the right licenses. So why not focus the message on that?


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