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SAM is now a C-level imperative, according to Gartner: This is music to our ears and a trend SOS is seeing time and again

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SAM is now a C-level imperative, according to Gartner: This is music to our ears and a trend SOS is seeing time and again

SAM is no longer just a tactical concern for middle managers. According to a March 2016 Gartner report, SAM is now a C-level imperative, with 79% of those responsible for SAM now reporting directly to a C-level role. In fact, out of 249 surveyed, seventy-nine percent of individuals responsible for SAM report to a C-level role, and 27% of those responsible for SAM are themselves in C-level roles. This is a huge and very welcoming development, not just for the maturity of our industry, but for the tremendous efficiencies that SAM will be delivering to organisations as a result of this executive focus.


This could not have come sooner. The necessity for SAM to play a role at C-level has never been clearer. The report states that “by 2019, cloud computing and the new digital economy will cause subscription pricing to overtake perpetual licensing and maintenance.” In addition, “Through 2017, SaaS use in 75% of organizations will be dominated by unapproved and untracked services.”


C-level involvement = successful SAM

Gartner’s paper also found that “The survey data also suggests that CEO and CIO involvement is correlated with higher levels of SAM success, with 36% of organizations where the individual responsible for SAM reports into the CEO rating themselves as very successful, 19% of those reporting into the CIO doing the same and only 15% of those reporting into sourcing rating themselves as very successful. Other roles reported even lower levels of success.”


SAM’s role in solving the big 4 IT challenges

Within the report Gartner has also listed four major IT trends that are impacting SAM and provides its top recommendations for IT Leaders:


Gartner SAM paper


Bottom-line: It is the role of IT leaders to implement SAM governance and support the development of SAM. Otherwise, inevitably other business leaders will impose SAM on them.


SAM has earned its position as a top table concern and will continue to do so. While 79% of those responsible for SAM report to a C-level role today, I predict this number will reach closer to 100% within the next few years.

Gartner clients can access the March 2016 Software Asset Management Is Now a C-Level Imperative report here.

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