Our Audit Support and Advocacy programmes are a health check for your IT environment. Each of our three programs is focused on a single software environment. Our software expertise starts with Microsoft and extends to Oracle, IBM, SAP, Adobe and more.

For a look at three of our tailored Audit Support and Advocacy programs, please see below.

Oracle Audit Partnering

When an organisation is facing an Oracle audit, there are often concerns around compliance and the risk of fines and retrospective fees. Our team of Oracle experts is here to help organisations facing these events, and to address the questions and concerns that typically arise.

The stakes can be high in an Oracle audit, and our SAM professionals bring years of Oracle audit experience to act on your behalf as an independent mediator between your organisation and the vendor. In this process, we are a lot like Switzerland (neutral, objective and completely independent) - unlike competitors who also provide audit and compliance services.

IBM Audit Partnering

In an IBM audit you need a partner who understands the world of IBM. Our experienced software experts know IBM software and licensing, and we have the critical relationships required to achieve the best outcome for your audit.

Our position as a neutral vendor gives us the ability to take a central and realistic position during negotiations, where we balance the needs of the client against the requirements and compliances of the software provider.

Our experience in balancing and conducting negotiations, armed with specialist knowledge, allows us to achieve optimal outcomes for the organisations with whom we partner.

SAP Audit Partnering

Engaging a SAP licensing specialist removes the risk of experiencing audit shock. If you have an upcoming SAP event such as a SAP audit, SAP post-audit, contract renewal or anniversary, this is a prime opportunity to speak with our team and eliminate stress.

Our mission is to prepare you for your audit, using simulated audit reports to get you audit-ready for your annual SAP commitments or SAP audit. Our software licence and compliance experts will review and advise on your SAP licensing landscape.

To make the process and our service delivery simple and easy to engage, we operate as a self-funding, SAP audit-ready consultancy.