Cloud Economics & Analytics

With your organisation in the Cloud, are you managing and optimising your Cloud resources on a regular basis?
Standard procurement of IT assets has forever changed now that any engineer or administrator can consume services as and when they prefer. We have encountered situations of mistaken and malicious utilisation which has consumed tens of thousands of dollars of compute services overnight, resulting in budget blowouts and constraints. Utilising Cloud analytics tools to monitor and manage your Cloud utilisation is an important part of your Cloud maturity.


Using our Cloud Economics managed service offering, we can help you manage your Cloud resources and reduce the potential of Cloud Sprawl and Bill Shock. We also offer recommendations on processes and procedures to manage your utilisation more effectively, scale to demand and provide guidance on leveraging license in the Cloud for better financial management and TCO value.

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"SOS were able to help navigate the complexity of public cloud cost usage and provide valuable optimisation recommendations which translated to cost savings on a monthly spend in cloud. I was impressed with the way the team delved into consumption data and found scenarios in which we could optimise our spend in cloud."

Gehan De Silva, Infrastructure Lead, Silver Chain

"SOS was instrumental in giving us the understanding we needed about our licensing position. We would never have been able to do it and understand it without an impartial observer. SOS helped us look at the business from a granular level, and they provided us with sound licensing and spending decisions based on operational requirements. "

John Hagley, IT Manager, Community Broker Network (CBN)



Achieve Clarity. Make Savings.

Our software specialists give you the clarity to make data-driven decisions & achieve lower costs, reduced risk and increased security.