Cloud Adoption Planning

As Cloud Adoption increases across multiple industry sectors, it is important to understand the business value of adopting Cloud as aligned to the long-term strategic and architectural direction of your organisation. With over 100 Cloud economics engagements the last 24 months, SOS can help guide and support your modernisation journey.

What are the considerations of Cloud Adoption?

As you plan your journey to the Cloud, it is important to understand the considerations of migrating to the Cloud and optimising your assets. This may be to consolidate your current software portfolio, review your Microsoft End of Support options, or provide a baseline Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis of what it would cost to migrate to the Cloud. Once you are in the Cloud, you’ll want to optimise your Cloud resources and establish specific management processes to accelerate your Cloud maturity.

How Does it Work?

With our 4-stage Modernisation Assessment, SOS will help you establish an inventory baseline of your infrastructure and applications and provide recommendations to start the business case for your journey to the Cloud. From right-sizing and tight-sizing your assets in the Cloud to leveraging Cloud specific programmes to save you money, we can help you from start to finish to migrate efficiently and reduce the risks along the way.

Our clients tell us that by starting with the Discover and Decide phases, they are properly prepared to move into Deploy and Transform. This approach means we eliminate the dreaded roll-back to on-premises because there is no sticker shock and processes are truly optimised.

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"SOS were able to help navigate the complexity of public cloud cost usage and provide valuable optimisation recommendations which translated to cost savings on a monthly spend in cloud. I was impressed with the way the team delved into consumption data and found scenarios in which we could optimise our spend in cloud."

Gehan De Silva, Infrastructure Lead, Silver Chain

"SOS was instrumental in giving us the understanding we needed about our licensing position. We would never have been able to do it and understand it without an impartial observer. SOS helped us look at the business from a granular level, and they provided us with sound licensing and spending decisions based on operational requirements. "

John Hagley, IT Manager, Community Broker Network (CBN)



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