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Our goal is to give you data-driven reporting and intelligence to make informed IT decisions, quickly.

Our managed service is for organisations exasperated by un-budgeted software spikes and who want to move to greater predictability and clarity of their software spend.

Software license and compliance management is a complex discipline. Understanding and staying current on software license agreements and metrics is impossible if you haven’t made a career out of it. Quick, reliable access to the “single source of truth” for software usage rarely exists. And the financial liabilities of non-compliance are high.


Before the business can make any architectural decisions or commit to spending money on software it must have adequate data and knowledge. It must know the impact and the cost to the business of a decision before the decision is made. Our managed services give the business the data to make informed decisions.

Software license and compliance management is a rare and valuable skill. We recognised this and created our business with a mission offering… No more software surprises, no more software shock.

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  • Why a managed service?
  • How does it work?
  • What are the business benefits?

Our experience shows that software vendors are less likely to audit organisations they know have third-party managed software license.

By 2018, the SAM skills shortage will make 50% of organisations — who have implemented, or are currently implementing SAM — dependent on managed SAM services.
By 2017, enterprises will spend 10 times more on software asset management services than they now spend on software asset management tools.

Gartner - January 2015

This service is independent of tooling; we use your existing tools to measure your software license compliance. If you have tools but do not trust the quality of the data, we health check to identify why. Then we find ways to improve the data integrity and optimise tool performance. In the absence of tools, we implement appropriate tooling for your environment and requirements.

We start with establishing a baseline of your hardware, software and user usage across the business. Establishing this baseline gives you the “what-is” position - what software is deployment versus the license entitlements you have. Is there a gap and can it be closed?

For a period of 3 or 12 months we will monitor the changes in the original baseline and provide progress reports and required actions throughout the subscription. So you know how much you need to budget for and the status of remediation activity.

  • Access to highly experienced, third-party software licensing experts
  • Functioning, “healthy” existing SAM tools or
  • New tools implemented and maintained with data you trust
  • Experts monitoring your Effective License Position (ELP – or licensing deltas)
  • Reduced risk of vendor audit
  • External support to improve on and sustain your SAM activity
  • Understand priority products where software optimisation opportunities exist
  • A targeted action plan to work from
  • Ability to true-down before you need to true-up
  • Know your software license compliance status – De-risk

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Call in the software compliance SWAT team

If clarity and control of your software dollars and risk reduction is important to you, call in our SAM team for consultation.