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Software Security Review

When you have a clear understanding of your IT infrastructure, you’re better prepared to build policies and controls to effectively minimise cyber threats. Our Software Security Reviews focus on evaluating software deployed in your environment, gathering the appropriate data and quickly identifying potential vulnerabilities to your business.

Validate Cyber ‘Hygiene’

We use the data collected to validate your cyber ‘hygiene’ and help you to:

• Create a full inventory for use as a foundation for a more in-depth organisational security assessment;
• Test the integrity of your IT usage and processes;
• Provide visibility over ‘rogue’ vs trusted IS;
• Identify unsupported software running on IT assets;
• Find and report on illegal and high-risk software in your environment; and
• Gain insight into your IT assets and improve internal licensing management and awareness.


What are the benefits of our Software Security Reviews?

SAM done well includes real-time monitoring, management and optimisation in a complex work environment, which in turn drives daily efficiencies. Our Software Security Reviews provide you with the assurance that your software investments are safe and sound, and identify opportunities for continuous compliance.

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"SOS exceeded our expectations with the security insights we gained through our engagement. The complete review of our software estate is always highly valuable. They provided detailed intelligence into some security and licensing issues which had recently come to light, which allowed us to minimise the risks associated with both."

Jason King ICT Services Manager, AusGroup Limited (AGC)


Achieve Clarity. Make Savings.

Our software specialists give you the clarity to make data-driven decisions & achieve lower costs, reduced risk and increased security.