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Cloud Adoption Planning

Before committing to investing in cloud software, it’s important to understand the business value of deploying applications in the cloud. There are multiple cloud strategies from which to choose, and our team will support your journey with right-size recommendations.

How Does it Work?

If you are not currently operating in the cloud, the SOS team works with you to determine your priority workloads based on Actual Resource Consumption (ARC). Rather than adopting a ‘same for same’ approach – simply taking your current server setup and assuming your usage needs will remain constant – we go beyond with our in-depth data analysis. Creating a baseline before you move to the cloud means you can track issues during your cloud adoption and demonstrate improvement and success from the process.

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"SOS exceeded our expectations with the security insights we gained through our engagement. The complete review of our software estate is always highly valuable. They provided detailed intelligence into some security and licensing issues which had recently come to light, which allowed us to minimise the risks associated with both."

Jason King ICT Services Manager, AusGroup Limited (AGC)


What are the benefits of Cloud Adoption?

If you’re already working in the cloud, we’ll help determine if there’s a better way to optimise your software deployments. We provide indisputable data to help you right-size your use of the cloud – this is at the heart of our cloud adoption strategy.

Achieve Clarity. Make Savings.

Our software specialists give you the clarity to make data-driven decisions & achieve lower costs, reduced risk and increased security.