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IDC Bullish about Software Asset Management (SAM): New report

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IDC Bullish about Software Asset Management (SAM): New report

Case studies of SAM projects are rare – no one wants to look bad. But thanks to IDC, you wait an age for one and four come along at once. In the new report, The Business Value of Software Asset Management (sponsored by Microsoft)IDC shares four brilliant customer journeys that bring the value of SAM programs to life.  IDC set out to investigate customers from diverse industries and geographies to see whether there is any truth in the value of Microsoft's Software Asset Management (SAM) program. It was a truly global study, incorporating organisations with footprints in Thailand, Brazil, Russia and Germany,

The organisations all reported significant cost reductions, reductions in the time spent to report their software license position accurately, empowered to achieve greater license awareness, improved compliance, and enabled cloud adoption.

How much did SAM save them?

IDC paper 1


IDC's research shows “the worldwide IT asset management software market reached $1.7 billion in 2015, representing an annual growth rate of 7.0%, and is forecast to grow to $2.6 billion in 2020, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.4% for the 2015–2020 period”.

No wonder IDC is bullish about the SAM industry.

IDC suggests the increasing complexity of IT systems, in particular the influx of what it calls “3rd Platform” technologies such as mobile devices, Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, cognitive and artificial intelligence, and cloud-based computing is the driver. This greater complexity adds greater cost without controls. It is more important than ever for organisations to continuously evaluate how they inventory, manage and secure hardware and software assets i.e. it is necessary to implement SAM/ITAM programs.

At SOS the scale of the savings highlighted by the four case studies in this report is no surprise. It is normal for us. We regularly get to deliver this level of savings and higher.  SAM brings awareness to areas of under and over licensing enabling greater license renewal confidence and at lower costs.

The full report contains further details on how each customer found their own cost savings. I strongly recommend you take a look at the full report.

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